Sunday, April 26, 2015

"Fiona's Five" a Fairy FĂȘte

It's happened.
I have a five year old.
And she's fabulous.
But you already knew that.
Fairy Party
Fiona decided on a fairy theme after a heart to heart discussion about too much of a good thing.
We still love you Frozen but I just can't anymore.

I may have added a little "woodland" to the fairy mostly so I could grab 90% of the decorations on a cabin nature walk.
Some ripped fabric added some whimsy to this branch.
This ended up being one of my favourite decorations and has gained a permanent spot in Fiona's room.
Fairy Party
 These pre-bud willows will also take up permanent residence in our home.
{Sans pink flowers.}
Fairy Party
 Fiona couldn't even handle this cake garland.
As I was making it she showered me with positive reinforcement.
Fairy Party
We did flower crowns and woodland elf hats.
I found this foam covered gardening wire at Dollarama and wrapped it around itself to create places to stick flowers.
The flowers and ribbon were also all Dollarama.
After the girls were done decorating I went over the ends with flower tape to prevent my-flower-crown-is-falling-apart meltdowns and secure the sharp wire bits.
They all looked precious and had fun making them but I may have enjoyed it even more.
This craft will have to make a comeback.
Fairy Party
 Flower garlands...
Fairy Party
 And mossy wood hanging from the light fixture.
Fairy Party
 Our picture frames were filled with pink and purple fairies.
I also changed up the chalkboard but neglected to photograph that with the real camera.
I refer you to Instagram if you just can't handle not seeing it.
Fairy Party
 Make a wish baby.
Fairy Party
 There are the little hats I mentioned before.
They took approximately 1 minute each to sew on the machine with little pre-cut felt pieces.
Fairy Party
 As always we had so much fun decorating and preparing but our fabulous friends make the magic.
Thanks to all who celebrated with us.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Cedric is 3! {And Has Been for Almost a Month}

When I asked Cedric what type of birthday he would like he gave his answer without a hint of doubt.
Motorcyles that is, for those who don't speak Cedric.
After some thought we expanded a little to motorcycle racing.
Mostly so I could fill the house with these sweet banners.
He didn't mind, of course.  As long as something was "vrooming" he would be happy.
Racing Birthday
Our new chalkboard wall got it's first workout.
A calligrapher I am not, but I had some fun with it.
Happy Birthday Cedric chalkboard wall
This balloon and streamer combo is always a hit with the kids.
Racing Birthday
And who needs party games when you have toy cars and tracks.
Racing Birthday

Racing Birthday
I have been rotating the prints in these frames with free online printables to suit the occasion. had plenty of choices.
Racing Birthday
The cake needed to be motorcycle themed of course and after scrapping many a Pinterest idea I copied this graphic from one of the birthday boy's old onesies.
Racing Birthday
We had a great turnout of family, friends and neighbourhood kids and Ced definitely felt the love.
Thanks to everyone who celebrated {on that day or any other} our boy turning 3!


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