Thursday, August 14, 2014

Our Garden and My Mom is Super {Obviously}

My Mom is amazing, I'm sure I've said that before but, you know, I feel like I can't say it enough.
There are many reasons but today I'm talking about my Mom the career woman.
My Mom put her career on the back burner when we were young and was home everyday until I was old enough to be home alone.
She still worked part time {which I only recently found out since it never affected us} but did so when my Dad could be home.
She never did go back to full time though, she was always so committed to making our home and our childhood memories beautiful.
{Not that this can't be done working full time all you fabulous full timer Moms.}
Even as a part time dietician though she has changed lives.
I have sat in lectures she has given to my own colleagues and felt so proud that I wanted to yell "That's my Mom!" at the end.
Don't fret, I managed to hold it together.
She has also been doing appearances on television for a while and in the last 2 years has started to post the topics on her blog {my Mom has a blog and yes, that makes her cooler than yours ;)}.
Anyways, the other day she asked for a couple pictures for her most recent post which prompted me to finally get some pictures of our little garden.
Kids in the garden
It's not a big garden but we love it and this is the first year that the kids have actually been helpful in the process.
Read: Not trampling, throwing seeds randomly, ripping out seedlings and overwatering.
Don't get me wrong, all of that still happens from time to time but I'm also becoming a lot more apathetic forgiving.
I am also realizing how resilient plants really are.
Kids in the garden
We are just now starting the picking process since besides the lettuce and spinach we have some long growing times.
Kids in the garden
 Our strawberry plants came back from last year but produced all of 5 strawberries.
Kids in the garden
 Our peas and beans have however been great snacking plants.
We're waiting patiently on our zucchini, beets, carrots, pumpkins and Kale {which I planted super late}.
Kids in the garden
Our future plan is to take advantage of all the sun we get in the front and have an edible front yard since it's not otherwise useful to us being on a major street.
{I planted tomato plants in our front yard planter box this year and they are now basically small trees.}
In the meantime we are enjoying the little plot in the back.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Feefs the Fotog

Last Christmas Fiona got a Playschool Showcam.
She really wanted a camera like mine and when she spotted this pink and purple version she was smitten.
Since then, she has walked around asking for poses and sourcing out interesting subjects.
This thing has held up well and the memory seemed never ending.
Until last week that is.
I hadn't really thought about saving her pictures, I was originally going to wipe the memory.
Then I started clicking through and asking her about the pictures she took and why.
Many of them were well thought out and important to her.
How could I possibly delete them?
A quick google search {I threw out the directions long ago, bad habit} and my own camera cord got all 1200 pictures onto the computer ready to share.
Now you can all enjoy the first post courtesy of Feefs the Fotog.
"That is my seat, I just love the flowers on it."
This is a stool from my Gram so I was ecstatic to find it was just as special to her.
"I loved this heart on my chalk thing."
"This picture is about the doors, I love the painting of the doors."
I'm glad because I also love the distressed look and don't love the idea of repainting.
"I wanted to take a picture of Cedric because he is so cute."
"Oh, that's a picture of my bed.  I love the flowers on my bed."
I love the lighting.  Hey, how'd she do that?
"I took this picture of you because I loved your clothes."
Gee, thanks babe.
 "I was just being funny."


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