Friday, January 31, 2020

A Return to Writing

I missed this blank page.
To be honest when I opened Blogger today I wasn't sure if my little blog would still be there.
But here she is all full of promise and neglect.
We still have Shield Autobody and there's much development there.
I have no photos of it, however, and definitely need a full post or 5 to discuss said developments so today I'm more focused on the home life.

This isn't a life update per se, it's just a little toe dip back into this world I used to love so much.
As I scrolled through the last few posts and saw Fiona's baby teeth I felt sad that I haven't taken as much time to really observe the way the kids are changing.
Of course I live this growth but I don't painstakingly choose a photo of them then scrutinize it during editing.
I mean, just look at those big chompers now.

 And let's not forget Cedric.
In this photo he still has baby teeth but now sports a pair that are surely not meant for this little face.
Lake life is still where it's at for us.

 ...or not

 And fall is still when I force the kids to pose (or tolerate their poses) for family photos.

 But sport is also creeping in big time and I am now the only non hockey player in the family.

 I swear Fiona plays too, she apparently just doesn't pose for me on command like that ham.

Oh and they turned 6...

...and 8...
...and 7...

 ...and 9!

Aaaaaand we went to Norway...

...and Japan!
But I really need to give those their own posts, so beautiful.

Ok, maybe it was a slight update.  Thanks for sticking with this photo drop.
Most definitely not my best work but it sure felt good to be back here.


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