Saturday, May 24, 2014

May Long Weekend in Pictures

We had a fabulous long weekend at the lake.
It was full of great friends, great food and great fun; peppered with a little work.
The lake is up again.
Can I get a hallelujah.
 The weather was beautiful.
The kids were happy.

 Fiona honed her art skills.
 There was much more laughing than crying.
Our new screen door took a beating.

Cedric was thoroughly impressed that this {empty} beer bottle featured a bike.

 Food takes so much better at the lake.
 The kids pitched in.
 A rare snuggle with the dogs.
We stayed out as late as possible by the warmth and light of the campfire.
 Thanks Christy for capturing a family photo.
 The kids refused to come in during the single rainstorm.
 But even indoors felt like an oasis.
Here's to a summer full of the same simple moments.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Mother's Day

For the past few years I have struggled to figure Mother's Day out.
Before I had children it was so simple, I could focus on my own Mom.
Once married I had 2 Moms to celebrate, but it still felt clear.

I want to continue to show these women how special they are even now that I am a Mom myself.
When doing so it almost feels like I'm throwing my own party, tooting my own horn so to speak.
Suddenly I'm questioning whether or not I should shout the praises of Mothers from the rooftops.
I mean, have some modesty right?

Well, I say down with modesty.
I am a Mom and so proud of it.
I have been fortunate to have great maternal role models.
Many women cringe at the thought of turning into their Mother.
I hope I should only be so lucky.

I do the best I can for my kids and that includes leading by example.
I want my children to be healthy and one way I'm helping to make this happen is to include fitness in our family activities.
The Mother's Day walk/run was a perfect way to start the day.
Jeff's first Mother's Day gift to me: he walked with the kids so I could run alongside my Dad.
We chatted while waiting at the finish line for our walking family members.
The conversation inevitably turned to the kids at which point my Dad said "They're such good kids Cheryl. You are just doing a great job with them."
That was it, what I didn't even know I wanted.
One of the people I respect most  to validate the effort I put into being a Mother.
It was a small part of the day but so big for me.
I also want to ingrain the importance of family.
I love when our house is teeming with loved ones and this was accomplished with a BBQ lunch. 
Which I was so busy at {just the way I like it} that I took almost no pictures.
This was an extra special Mother's Day since it was the first for my SIL Brianna.
The day may have been for the Moms but the family's newest addition was still the centre of attention.
Happy Belated Mother's Day!

Friday, May 9, 2014

Fiona's First Ballet

Fiona has been to watch the Alberta Ballet once which I shared in this post.
The preview that we attended at that time was the perfect length for an almost 3-year-old.
I was planning to make this year's Nutcracker Fiona's first experience with a full ballet.
Then we received some most wonderful mail, two tickets to the dress rehearsal of Alberta Ballet's latest offering, Class Acts.
How, you may ask, did we get so lucky?
As a testament to the quality of Fiona's dance school, Cecchetti Dance Theatre, they have been asked to join the Alberta Ballet as its Edmonton Studios.
As a current Cecchetti student, Fiona was invited to this performance.
And being such a kind Mama I skipped happily the whole way there agreed to go along.

I still haven't gotten used to the new courtyard outside the Jubilee entrance.
I love it, but it feels like a different building than that of my childhood.
Jubilee Auditorium Edmonton
Fiona told me as we chose our seat that she was scared and wanted to sit close to the back.
We agreed on one half way down and she looked around tentatively.
Jubilee Auditorium Edmonton
 After a while she settled into the seat, clutched her ticket and with a deep breath informed me that we could move a little closer.
 She took my hand and led me right up to the third row.
A little closer indeed, kid.
I was ecstatic since I rarely pay enough for such a great seat.
It took all my strength not to sneak a couple of close up pictures of those beautiful dancers but I'm a rule follower you know.

We absolutely loved the show.
I'm usually a sucker for classical ballet but this production had none of that.
What it had was pure entertainment, great music and a backdrop that was not in the least bit fussy but set the stage for each number seamlessly.
Jubilee Auditorium Edmonton
 Fiona had her treat radar on and spotted the ice cream immediately at intermission.
 We sat on those very steps just as I remember doing at her age.
Now this is a view that hasn't changed a bit.
Jubilee Auditorium Edmonton
I gave Feefs an out, telling her that if she would like we could head home.
She looked at me like I was crazy and informed me that she would like to go back and watch another show, thank you very much.
That's my girl.

 I was so happy that there was still decent light when we left so I talked Fiona into a picture.
She really was a happy camper but I mean, do you know a 4-year-old who will hold a smile for 10 seconds?
 We are so thankful to the Alberta Ballet for the opportunity to see this fabulous show.
We completely forgot that it was a dress rehearsal. 
Not once did they call a reset and our {untrained} eyes didn't see a single glitch.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Edmonton Motorshow 2014

 It's throwback Thursday right?
I may not be throwing back that far but in the blogging world 4 weeks might as well be 10 years.
I wasn't sure that I was going to share this post since we are not the biggest Motor Show fans at the moment.
After 5 years of renting space at the show our name was again printed improperly in the program.
Though this may not seem like a big deal, it is to those of us who struggle to build a brand with limited time and money.
Every mention of our business counts so we were quite disappointed when this error occurred and the show not only downplayed it but did little to rectify it.
Not that I'm discouraging you from visiting the Emdontno Motering Shaw in the future, it's a great event.
Just saying.
Our first stop was of course to visit Daddy.
That's the main event for us.
 Fiona was less than impressed this year but Cedric was quite in awe and walked around with me to check out the Emporium.
 His favourite find, however, was this single deflated green balloon that he spotted at the Derrick Dodge booth.
They of course had no problem handing it over and he proceeded to drag it around like an unfortunate pet.
 The one thing that did catch Fiona's attention was the toy booth that we always land across from.
If I'm being honest though, her favourite part was skipping freely to the car after we left.
Any opportunity to get the guys in front of potential customers is great.
Even so, this felt like our last appearance at this particular event.
Never say never though right?

Friday, May 2, 2014

A Spring Shower

We have been spending the last couple of days outside.
It's finally felt like spring and I have had a hard time convincing myself to do any indoor activities ie: blogging.
I have, however, been looking forward to sharing some pictures of my niece's shower. 
Shower Cake Topper
She is Feefs and Ced's first cousin and simply gorgeous.
Sisterly love is big right now {thanks for that Frozen} so Fiona just adores her baby-sister-cousin.
She is eager to hold the baby and does so timidly at first, preferring a helping hand.
It doesn't take long for those maternal instincts to kick in though and she's quickly as confidant as can be.
 The spread at this event was beautiful.
How cute is this rubber boot vase?
And this fruit baby in it's watermelon basinet? 
The cake at top of the post was my small contribution {bought, not made}. 
I did, however, make the topper consisting of a mini-easel and flower from the dollar store.
Fruit Baby
 The guest of honour was truly spoiled. 
As any princess should be. 
 We had a great time and my Mom commented afterward what a lovely group of people were at the shower.
Baby hand
 Of course, none could top the owner of this sweet hand and her beautiful Mama.


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