Monday, July 21, 2014

Some Favourite Pics From the Weekend

This was a bonus weekend for us.
I was supposed to work on Saturday then mid week a friend reminded me that she owed me a weekend and that she would take this one.
Well she sure didn't have to ask me twice, I jumped at the chance to get back to the lake.

There was plenty of horsing around by these munchkins which produced this.
I was attempting to get a nice picture of Fiona but these days I get a lot of duck lips.
Then Cedric jumped in with this epic photobomb and now one of my favourite shots of them.
Toddler photobomb
 It was Daddy's birthday last week {kept quiet on strict orders}.
He had been talking about paddle boarding so after searching a bit I found one in our price range.
We both had some fun with it this weekend, definitely a good buy.
The kids insisted on watching him and tested their balance on the floating dock.
Fiona says: "Cedric, you have to balance with your arms like this."
Cedric says: "No Nona."
on the dock
We're used to big skies in Alberta but at the lake they're something else.
Lac La Nonne
Not something I will tire of any time soon.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Color Me Rad YEG 2014

It kills me to write colour without the u but that's the name of the event so I'm sucking it up.
You know how I said I had 10 pictures on my iPhone, well here are 4 of them.
Track and Shield hit the pavement for the Color Me Rad 5K for the first time and it was a blast.
Throughout this race you get blasted with coloured powder at stations that look like this.
No chance of missing them, that's for sure.
 The kids were timid at first and stayed in the chariot {which I'm still rinsing colour out of}.
Once we saw the pink station though Fiona was ready to get blasted and little brother followed suit of course.
{Don't worry I gave her my sunglasses to wear during the blasting.}
 We will definitely do this run again. 
I use the term "run" loosely as it was more like a saunter.
They're hosted in cities all over North America so I would highly recommend finding one close to home.
Oh, and wear cotton.
The colour washes out of it much easier than sport fabric.
I am now the proud owner of a lovely light purple sports bra.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Yoga Kids

We have had 2 amazing weeks full of loads of time at the park/lake/pool/walks, pretty much anywhere outdoors.
Read: not in front of the computer.
Finally a rainy day has given me the chance to catch up on this little record of our lives.
One little problem being that I haven't taken out the DSLR since Canada Day and have a mere 10 pictures on my iPhone.
I haven't even instagrammed in a week, shocking I know.
That's how nice this weather is people.
Luckily Melissa at True Yoga came through today with a bunch of pictures of the kids at their yoga camp last week.

I dropped the ball on registering the kids in summer camps.
Cedric, being under 3, is actually too young for most but I missed all the spots for Fiona as well.
We ran into some friends two days prior and they mentioned this yoga camp again.
Obviously too late to get them in right?
Within a couple hours of my email Melissa responded that sure, they could take 2 more.
Surely not a two year old though right?
They'll take Ced too.
I was ecstatic but a little worried about my baby crying for half the day and sulking for the rest in this strange environment.
To my amazement within a few minutes they were both happily waving goodbye.
Apparently a few tears were shed initially but on the remaining days the drop off was smooth sailing.
I even asked Fiona if she would like to come home early with Cedric on the third day {you can do half or full days} and she replied without hesitation "no thank you".
They absolutely LOVED it.
I shouldn't be surprised.
I have always loved Melissa {the studio owner} and every class I have taken at her studio.
I'm so happy that my kids can now have the same great experience.
So happy in fact that we have registered the kids for another week at the end of the month.
They are running 3 more camps over the summer and I'm sure it's not too late to register if you are in Edmonton and have little ones.
The camp consisted of the usual crafts and park visits combined with some {you guessed it} yoga. 
It was good for their bodies but I also feel like it was good for their souls.
Fiona came home with some wish flags {a take on Tibetan prayer flags} upon which were her wishes that everyone have a home and all the trees grow.
She also wished to be old enough to drive, have magical fairy powers and cloudy days {it was so hot} but that is neither here nor there.
Cedric made no flags but apparently made it very clear that he wished to be naked {again, so hot}.
Thanks Melissa {and Vanessa} for this great week for the kids and these sweet pictures.
Here's the link to the website for the camps or if you're just looking for a great yoga studio in Edmonton.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Canada Day {Lake Style}

Happy Belated Canada Day!
We raced out of town as soon as I was done work on Monday to get our watermelon faces on.
 I was torn about leaving town since it meant missing the inaugural High Level "Light the Bridge".
Not that it compares at all but I did experience it via video and now if you missed it, so can you.

Yet another thing to love about this city.
The lake fireworks paled in comparison of course but it still set the festive tone.
One of the highlights of our celebration was a visit from cousin Avery, Auntie Brie, Grandma and Grandpa.
The kids are even more enamoured with her now that she's interacting.
At about 3 1/2 months she's at one of my favourite stages.
So much discovery and still such a baby.
As we relished in this new life in our family I remembered the one that was lost last year on July 1st.
I still think of you often Grandad but on Canada Day I am reminded of your commitment to your country, family and friends.
Thank you.
Boat season is in full swing and Fiona has found new confidence on the water.
She channels her Titanic and races to her spot at the bow as soon as her foot hits the deck.
She is also much more confident in the water and jumps carefully lowers herself into the water {just like-a Mama} readily.
These crazies cannon balled right in of course.
I fully expect Feefs to be doing the same by the end of the summer.
I also fully expect to be proven wrong and have her do something like rediscover her fear.
Because if there's one thing I've learned as a parent it's that I will always be proven wrong.
 They will seldom do what I'm sure they will and, you know, I'm becoming comfortable with that.
Keeps me on my toes right?
Last year Cedric would have jumped off the side of the boat at speeds upwards of 60 kph.
This year he seldom looks up, clutches at me when the boat picks up speed and wants nothing to do with swimming in the lake. 
If I'm being honest though, I'm happy to see his cautious side since it so rarely makes an appearance.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Out for Summer

School is out for another year.
This was a special one since it was the first year that both kids were in preschool.
They started separately since Cedric had to start in October once he turned 19 months so I don't have a picture together for the first day.
I did, however, remember in the nick of time to snap this last day pic.
I'm glad I almost forgot since I would have been tempted to stage and coordinate a little.
This way they are completely in their natural state having picked their own outfits.
 I can't even believe what a baby Fiona looks like on her first day.
I remember thinking that she looked like such a big girl.
Story of a parents life.
You can never imagine that they could possibly look any bigger than they do at this moment.
Then they very quickly prove you wrong.
 Cedric's first day picture is pretty perfect.
He may now be bigger, have much more language, and even more amazing hair (right?) but his little personality hasn't changed a bit.
Apart from his confidence that is.
We were so impressed with how comfortable he became at school, a far cry from in this post.
Now you want to talk about natural state...
The first picture is the only one in which they weren't running, jumping, pushing or screaming.
And Fiona is carrying socks?
Not matching of course, she would never wear matching socks...obviously.

The kids have already been asking when they get to go back to school.
Remember when you loved school that much?
Me neither.


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