Sunday, January 4, 2015

Happy New Year 2015

There is just no denying that life becomes almost unrecognizable with kids.
Jeff and I were hyperaware of this fact as we drove past numerous stilettos, mini skirts and pre-drinking partiers on our way to McDougall United Church.
New Year at McDougall United Church Edmonton
 "We spent New Year's Eve at a church "are words that I never imagined saying.
This is, of course, no ordinary church.
It is also known in Edmonton as a great concert venue.
So when we were deciding how to ring in 2015 at about 6pm on Dec 31st and this event showed up on a google search it sounded a little too good to be true.
New Year at McDougall United Church Edmonton
 And it was.
The admission was a mere donation to the food bank and the line up was non-existent. 
Not only was the above set list full of talent, the basement was full of kids activities.
I was so proud of Fiona when she sat down to the colouring table and chatted with a few kids her age.
New Year at McDougall United Church Edmonton
 The face painting was a welcome surprise...
New Year at McDougall United Church Edmonton was the toy selection.
There was also a weaving station, flower pot decorating and a penny toss.
New Year at McDougall United Church Edmonton
 The kids even participated in a parade led by one of the performers.
Surprisingly, Fiona was stoked to stand up in front of all those people, not a hint of shy in her that night.
Cedric is still talking about his Spiderman face and has now taken to wearing a hand-me-down costume of the same {thanks Tessa}.
New Year at McDougall United Church Edmonton
 We were even able to get the kids to sit for some music.
{The hot chocolate and cookies didn't hurt that endeavour.}
New Year at McDougall United Church Edmonton
We didn't make it to the end but caught a few great acts and had a lot of fun.

 The beauty of this place gets me every time as does the comfort.
I was transported back to my childhood.
I have fond memories of Southwoods United and though church isn't a part of our lives now it still felt like home.
New Year at McDougall United Church Edmonton
To cap off this wild evening I watched fireworks from the comfort of our attic while the kids slept and the husband watched a movie.
I hope you also had a great night and wishing you all the best in 2015.


  1. I was married at this fantastic wedding reception venue with best service possible. I mentioned wanting water to a bridesmaid, and I turned around to find someone waiting with a glass.

    1. Thanks for stopping by! It was so beautiful and I could feel that they had amazing volunteers and support staff in just the short time we were there. What a perfect place to be married!

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