Friday, February 6, 2015

Fiona the Fabricator

Let's call it story-telling.
Sounds much nicer than what I was originally calling this phase.
Which was more along the lines of blazing trousers.
Fine line there, right?
I have heard other moms talk of how their littles lie so was expecting a few falsehoods.
Nothing really prepared me for what we are now experiencing though.
I mean, these are no ordinary lies.
She's not just "no I didn't write on Cedric with Sharpie."
Or all "I didn't mean to violently thrust my leg into Cedric's path as he ran by."
Oh, I've heard those too but what I wasn't expecting were the convoluted tales this girl can weave.
For example:
Me: Feefs, how was gymnastics.
Fiona: Good.
Me: What did you do?
Fiona: Well...<pause>...we went to the roof {it was December}, to the roof trampoline, then it opened and we went under it and there was a pool so we went swimming!
Me: Uhhhhhh...
Fiona: Really Mommy, really, I'm not even lying.
Me: That's nice babe but we didn't bring your bathing suit.
Fiona: Oh...yah...they have some here so I got one and went swimming, really Mommy, really.

You get the idea.
But wait, that's only the beginning.
I don't mind an active imagination aimed at me but it's expanded beyond our household.
As I picked Fiona up from a playdate I was asked if I had a friend who was incarcerated.
Or had we maybe had a break in at our house?

A week ago I arrived to a birthday party that Fiona had been at for a matter of 5 minutes.
I said hello to the birthday girl's Nana who commented how nice it was that Fiona was learning volleyball.
Me: <sigh> She isn't.
Apparently she was boasting how she was learning "bolleyball" from someone who knows everything about "bolleyball".

But friends aren't the only culprits you know.
I was asked by one of her teachers if she has an older sister.
She had been raving about "Leasha" all day.

The cherry on top however was how my Mom was greeted at the school last week after returning from a 2 week vacation.
It was something along the lines of "Oh, thank goodness! Fiona said you had passed away! I'm so glad to see you!".

So, needless to say, we've opened up a conversation about what type of story is appropriate.
Having said that I'm not pushing it and hoping that this too shall pass.
It always does right?


  1. Oh my goodness! That is an active imagination! Let's hope she gets it all out of her system while she's young. Better now than when she's sixteen. LOL

    Wishing you a lovely weekend (yeah, I know it's only Thursday night... but we're soooo close)!

    1. Thanks Jennifer! Yes, let's hope it doesn't compound as she gets older!

  2. Ha ha ha - I don't know how I didn't see this post before now. While I realize that I shouldn't find the fine Fi-fibbing too funny... it is. :) I too was (am?) a child with an active imagination. AND I happen to be teaching some who also have very active imaginations (like the child who told me that he went hunting over Christmas, shot two bears, and got scooped up in a moose's rack - without it hurting at all, or getting hurt). I suppose the challenge is figuring out how to channel it into something positive. In the meantime - I hope you're writing them down so she too can laugh about them when she's 'big'. xoxox


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