Thursday, August 6, 2015

Life Update

I have so much to say about these two amazing creatures.
Of course when I finally have a minute to write, much of it has left my head.
Worth a try though so here we go.
 One thing I will never forget is this conversation.
Me: {Reading an article about a woman who is dying of cancer and has two young children with tears streaming down my face.}
Fiona: "You ok Mommy?"
Me: "You know Mommy loves you guys so much right?"
Fiona: "We know Mommy."
Me: " And you know that Mommy would do anything for you and your brother right?"
Me: "If there was anything I could do that would make your lives better I would do it, ok?"
Fiona: {Pause} "You're doing it Mommy."
 As we prepare ourselves Fiona for kindergarten I'm noticing some pretty big bravery.
The babe that I wasn't sure would be ready I now have no doubts about.
Cedric on the other hand is a huge personality contained in a tiny {yes still} body.
He has an obsession with underwear and has been known to change into a pair of his playdate host's undies from time to time.
He loves singing along to Annie.
He calls all cranes "Cranky" from Thomas the Train.
As in "Whoa Mommy look at that big Cranky!"
He will often approach me and say "Twoo {true} wuv's {love's} kiss" and plant a big smooch.
Him and Bunbuns are still semi-attached and can usually be found nose to nose.
He has a wicked sweet tooth.
He has also had two black teeth from his many falls.  
Did you know teeth can fade back to white? You do now.
His nicknames are Ced, Cedced, Mr. Ced, Ceds and Super Dave.
The latter is probably the most fitting.
The lake has given us some great moments as always.
Though we wish there could be more of them.
It seems wrong that the summer is half gone.
 We still have the cabin listed as we're hoping to become lake neighbours with our besties.
This summer we watched them welcome another member to their family {more on that later, no promises on a timeline}.
Our desire to share those lake memories became even more apparent.
Our Alberta prairie day trips to see them will have to do the trick for now.
And they are.

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