Thursday, May 16, 2013

Mo' Money Mo' Problems {this title's for you Jules}

It's been a while since I've felt frustrated.
Family life is good.
Business is good, still growing 
All is good.
But yesterday we I got a call from our bank.
Now it's time to get real.
They haven't adjusted our accounts since we first opened them.
We are operating with the same accounts that we were when our sales and receivables were a tenth of what they are now.
The message I was given was that they still wouldn't be changed.
And this from a bank that advertises their commitment to "helping you grow your business"?
We were told a year ago that our requests were a done deal.
They weren't.
Then we were told that once our new books were in and we showed our growth it wouldn't be a problem.
It was still a problem.
Recently we have had a couple of people working on our application and were given hope.
To no avail.
I am frustrated.
Frustrated that in order for us to grow we have to juggle our funds.
Frustrated that we may have to look at more expensive and less practical financing options to continue this rate of growth.
Frustrated that the account manager had the gall to comment on our "large" salaries taking away from our bottom line.
I guess she doesn't realize that we've just started taking these well deserved and not at all large salaries.

Nobody says business is simple.
And as I've said in the past, if we're going to have a problem I'm glad it's not a lack of sales.
I just didn't think we would ever have a problem convincing the bank to let us pay them interest.

I haven't bored you with money ramblings in a while.
About time right?
I promise I won't make it a habit.


  1. Can you look for a new bank? One that will maybe meet some of your expectations? I don't have my own business, so I could be naive here but doesn't the bank want your business? Wouldn't they want to keep you happy?

    Sorry if this doesn't make sense... like I said, I don't have my own business, but I've always been under the impression that the customer knows best (and to keep that customer happy).

    Wishing you a lovely day.

    1. Not at all naive and a very real possibility that I was hoping to avoid.
      Thanks for reading and have a great day yourself!


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