Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Amazing Date

I feel like I can't say often enough how great our families are.
We both grew up with much of our extended family in another province.
So for our babes to have two sets of grandparents, 4 aunts, 1 uncle and even a great-uncle close by is a dream.
It also means that Jeff and I get the occasional night to ourselves.
Last Saturday night we had just that.
The kids were off to my parents {thanks Mom and Dad} and we had a date night.
If any of you parents out there are all "date night, what's a date night?" as we were until recently you're gonna want to have one of these.
Jeff and I sat next to each other, chatted without interruption, held hands and strolled leisurely.
No joke, there was leisure.

We finally made it to Noorish for dinner.
Noorish Edmonton
We have been meaning to go since Uncle Will gave us a gift card for Christmas.
And this place is amazing. 
Completely vegetarian with many vegan and gluten free options.
The majority of their ingredients are also organic and locally sourced.
The menu opened our eyes to many combinations and food prep that we weren't aware of.
Have you seen Baby Mama? 
It felt at first like we were in that restaurant with the "yeast ball for the table".
Then the food came and blew us away.
We had onion rings to start, a coconut curry and their award winning Bohdi Tree Burger.
It was all delicious and so satisfying that Jeff had to bring half of the curry home.
Noorish Edmonton
After dinner we headed down the street to the Movie Studio.
Also not a joke, there is still a movie rental store kickin' in Edmonton.
After a quick search it looks like there may even be a couple more.
This was a truly nostalgic experience for us.
Remember when video stores were huge?
It wasn't even that long ago.
 When we moved into our neighbourhood in 2007 there was the cutest little independent video store tucked into a local block of shops.
Once the big guys took the late fees away, she was done for.
It wasn't long before those big guys followed suit though.
Jeff and I have always loved browsing the aisles for movies.
We were two of the 15 people who were devastated when Rogers and Blockbuster shut their doors.
We had assumed that they were all gone so you can imagine our excitement when we noticed this little gem was still alive.
Movie Studio Edmonton
They even dish out free popcorn.
The night was amazing but that free popcorn really took it to the next level.

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  1. Sounds like an amazing restaurant! The food looks delish!

    I too miss Blockbuster and Rogers! Selecting a movie from a video store is an experience in and of itself. I hate that we live in an instant gratification world... push a button and watch any movie you like. Bah humbug!


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