Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Melissa's Road Race 2014

This has become one of my favourite traditions.
A weekend in the mountains with a little {albeit slightly painful} run, delightful right?
Yep, it doesn't get much more beautiful than this.
 Except maybe this.
We had the privilege of sharing a condo with this beautiful girl and her parents.
{Summer Recap 4 1/2: Welcome Olivia!}
 Our group was a little smaller this year.
Life events and such.
{Jenna was 2 1/2 months postpartum so definitely deserved a pass.}
Melissa's Road Race 2014
 We ran into my friend Elena at the end of the race and I introduced her to my Dad.
She asked if he is the reason I run and, you know, I hadn't really thought much about it.
But of course he is.
I had immediate flashbacks in that moment to being 10 and jogging with Dad.
I hated it of course {I think that was right around the beginning of my sloth phase} and remember him being much more fit than I.
I am thankful now that he set that example for me since it obviously stuck.
I hope that each time the kids cheer us on it's sticking with them too.
Melissa's Road Race 2014
 We finished off the day with a lot of relaxing, hydrating, eating and just a little booze.
{We've learned our lesson and do not overindulge after the race anymore.}

The next morning we were treated to a gang of elk just outside our Canmore condo.
{I know, I thought it was a herd too but nope, the correct term for a group of elk is a gang.  There we go learning again right?}
Then after a lazy morning with our own gang {see what I did there?} we headed out to the streets of Canmore.
 Managed to stop in one bookstore.
 Then it hit Jeff, we're not quite sure what but he was in no state to be out and about.
I'm glad we didn't push it because he was in bad shape by the time we got home.

In lieu of our little walk about town I took a bit of a scenic route home and let the family sleep while I stopped for pictures now and again.
Rocky Mountains
 I just love this time of year and in the mountains it's something else.
Rocky Mountains
I'm already looking forward to next year.

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