Thursday, September 25, 2014

Summer Recap 4: Fruit Harvesting

I already blogged a bit about our garden.
In the end it was better as a fun family project than a source of food but I'll take what I can get.
And as I already said, our plum tree is shutting down and gave us no fruit this year.
We had much more success in the food gathering department as members of Operation Fruit Rescue Edmonton {OFRE}.
The highlight was our visit to Horsehill Berry Farm.
Horsehill berry farm
They invited the members of OFRE for a glean.
The kids were really excited at first but faded pretty quickly. 
Horsehill berry farm
 Cedric ate even more than he picked {after dipping into all of our buckets}.
Horsehill berry farm
 Luckily we coordinated this outing with Diana and Carly.
The kids love them and it's basically like having three parents for two kids.
Can you say "best case scenario"?
Horsehill berry farm
 We came back with enough raspberries for 10 jars of jam even after snacking for a couple of days.
Horsehill berry farm
The other harvest we have taken advantage of is apples.
Apple picking
 We are addicted to Apple Butter {this recipe is to die for} and Apple Streusel Bars {made with this recipe} so I have been processing apples like a mad woman.
Apple picking
I was thinking that we actually went a little overboard since I have a LOT of apples on my hands still.
Then I was talking to a friend on the weekend who has apple cider on her to do list.
 So I may just have a use for the lot after all.

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