Saturday, November 8, 2014

Halloween 2014 Recap

Just wanted to share a few pictures of our Halloween this year.
I did some stamping on the kids treat bags...
 ...then let them go to town on the other side.
 We also let Fiona go to town on the pumpkin design.
Just look at that concentration, this is bound to be a masterpiece right?
 Well, art is subjective.
Mama, for one, thought it was great but may have taken a little artistic license when doing the carving.
Cedric was uninterested in the face but thought gutting the pumpkin was too good to be true.
 We lucked out with a temperature of about 5 C.
 No snowsuit under the lion this year.
It was heartwarming to see Cedric wear this handmade costume that I, both my sisters and Fiona wore.
Good job making that one to last Mom.
 And no coat on this snow princess.
I raced behind her pestering "Fiona, are you cold? Fiona do you want your jacket?"
Each time the reply was a firm no.
The catch phrase of the night became "the cold never bothered her anyway."
Hope you had a great one too.

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