Saturday, November 1, 2014

Mary Margaret {Pearson} Horney

May 11, 1927 - Oct 30, 2014

Dear Gram,
I spent yesterday surrounded by children full of joy and life.
As they ran carelessly from door to door I could imagine you smiling and commenting how they were just "full of it".
It was Halloween, a day I can't recall ever spending with you.
But in a way it was a great day to remember your beautiful spirit.
My own kids love their GG and they are certainly not the first.
I saw you only once in your classroom of kindergarteners.
 I was Fiona's age and not yet in school but you let me participate with your kids.
I remember looking at you, my Gram the teacher, with even more awe.
You were one of the strongest, most confident and most intelligent women I knew.
And that was before I really knew you.
As a child you enriched my life in ways I couldn't understand and I often took that for granted.
You always wanted the best for us and you were anything but quiet about it.
As an adult I am so grateful to have had such a positive force in my life.
You were stylish.
I have few memories of you without a fabulous scarf, necklace, earrings or brooch.
But never too much, you were always accessorized to perfection.
You were sophisticated.
Literature, theatre, music, gardening, travel, you did it all.
We recently started visiting the public library again and the shelves of books make me think of you.
In my 20's I remember reading a book on your recommendation and being shocked at the racy content.
You never ceased to amaze me with your openness to experiences and change.
That Macbook that gave us so many face to face moments is just one of the many examples of how, even in your 80's, no skill was beyond you.
Not if it knew what was good for it.

I turned the radio to CBC2 to hear some classical music that you loved so.
The selection was gothic, meant to channel thoughts of the afterworld.
I laughed through the tears since I was sure that you would find some humour in the irony.
Thank you for those wonderful lazy days at the cottage, complete only when someone made a blueberry cobbler.
Thank you for those busy days in the city full of culture, falafel and lattes.

My african violet bloomed a couple of days ago and it prompted me to think of you.
Thank you for leaving us all with so many ways to remember your full and inspirational life.
Lots of love.

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