Wednesday, February 13, 2013

How Is It Wednesday Night Already?

This week has been jam packed.
With what?
I have no idea.
Does that ever happen to you?
I feel like you've been run off my feet, haven't even had a minute to blog.
But when I try to recall the week's events, I draw a blank.

I think it goes a little something like:

Today= Work + Soccer Registration {Yep, Fiona will be starting U4 this spring.}

Yesterday = Groceries + Laundry + Valentines Crafts

Monday = Dance Class + Bookkeeping + Recovery {from the weekend}

And what a great weekend it was.
I love choreographing, performing and the road trips that come with doing colorguard.
However, the real reason I still do this activity is the company.
Our trips have evolved to say the least.
It used to be the hangover that made us sluggish on the way home from these things.
Now it's the 3am feeding, coughing baby, pregnancy or aching joints.
The one constant though is the laughter and the love.
These women have seen me at my best and my worst.
They're the kind of friends that won't take offence to anything you say before your morning coffee.
They're also the kind that won't think twice about spotting you for a cup.
They really are the best kind of people.
Thanks gals, can't wait to get back to it this weekend.

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