Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine's Recap

We had a great Valentine's Day {besides some stress at the shop, don't ask}.

{Disclaimer: If Valentines Day makes you nauseous, stop reading now.}

Jeff surprised us with a pair of bouquets the night before.
We lined the mantle with valentines and hung a heart banner made by yours truly.
We got all decked out in our love-wear.
Fiona is wearing a custom Mommy dress fashioned out of my t-shirt and some scrap material.
Daddy got up early and made us French toast for breakfast.
I just had to make these cute pink heart pancakes so we had breakfast for lunch too.
My Mom bought us this pancake batter bottle and it's genius.
I know it's been all over Pinterest to use an old ketchup bottle but this is so much better.
It works like a charm but it also unscrews from both ends so cleaning it is a breeze, genius right?
It wouldn't be Valentine's Day without some sugar cookie decorating.
My sister Pamela and her roommate Camille joined us for dinner so were around to help.
 Jeff picked up pizza for dinner which I cut into hearts because at this point I couldn't stop.
 I threw in a less than great pic of me and the hubby because any pic is rare.
I look like that because Jeff just finished making his usual distorted picture face.

Did I go a little overboard?  Sure, but it was fun.

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