Monday, February 4, 2013

We Go a Coffee Shop Mama?

Fiona asks me this at least daily.
This has become a favourite outing of ours {though not too frequent for financial reasons}.
We aren't really picky, most cafes do the trick.
As with everything though, we have our preferences.
I wanted to share our current top 3.

Kid-friendly coffee shops have become big business.
The first we went to in town was Cafe-o-play.
The place is fantastic for the kids but it's really an indoor playground that serves coffee.
Cafe Tiramisu is different.
It's a beautiful cafe {& much more} that has a play room in it.
It's a treat to go for the kids but also for the parents.
This is our neighbourhood cafe and we feel very fortunate for that.
I was prompted to do this post because of the great stop we had here today.
They have amazing coffee but what we really can't get enough of is their bakery.
{Try the White Chocolate Raspberry Scone, trust me!}
There is no kids area but they have a great little basket of kids books.
And really, if we get some baking and a seat by the window, that's plenty of entertainment.
We only go to the smaller location on Whyte because it's closer to our place, I have heard great things about their 109 St location though.
I wanted to mention this one because their product is great.
I am also a big fan of the Roots on Whyte Building that it's in.
I also should really mention that if you haven't tried Transcend it's worth it.
Another great cafe is The Wired Cup {a favourite of a good friend}.
This is also a great gift shop.
When I was getting prenatal acupuncture at Whole Family Health {to attempt to turn Cedric} we also were really taken with The Quirky Art Cafe.
They do caricatures on site and have a bunch of art supplies to keep the babes busy.
These ones aren't on our list because the locations aren't really on our usual routes.
If they're on yours, lucky.
Any that you want to add?


  1. Aww this was such a sweet post :) I loooove cute little unique coffee shops! But unfortunately pretty much all I have around where I live are Starbucks or Caribou. Maybe I should start investigating to find some though.... :)


    1. Thanks Summer!
      We love our coffee shops, that's not to say I don't love me some Starbucks.
      Happy hunting, hope you find one around you!

  2. Some of our fav stops too! I can't wait till my girl is old enough to say, "we go a coffee shop mama". SO CUTE.


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