Tuesday, April 30, 2013

"Track and Shield" Inaugural Race

A slightly more positive event from the weekend for you today.
On Sunday morning we ran our first race of the season.
The Edmonton Police Foundation Half Marathon 5K.
{Though I do love how our medals say half marathon. 
It was tempting but I just couldn't lie to you guys.}
It was a great day for running {this was prior to our late April snowstorm} and the race kicked off at Fort Edmonton Park, a great venue.
It was so nice to get out as a team.
I was even able to spring this photo-op on everyone before they could put up a fight.
This event gave me a chance to chat a bit more with Cecile {painter} and Gabe {bodyman}.
Since I do most of my work for the shop from home I don't get this opportunity often.

Gabe talked a little about his kids and their involvement in track and field.
I was never big into the sport but have fond memories of these events in my younger days.
As I was recalling this conversation today it hit me like a ton of bricks.
"Track and Shield" is THE name for this venture.
Sorry "Team Shield", you're out.

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