Thursday, October 10, 2013

He Just Keeps Rollin' Along

Edmonton has a beautiful river running through.

The poor old North Saskatchewan can have it rough.
It has been called dirty.
It's banks have been cursed for crumbling under houses.
If you have to cross it at rush hour you likely wish it away daily.

If, however, you make use of it or the surrounding valley you may sing a different tune.
Edmonton's river valley makes up "the largest urban park in Canada".
The trails are far reaching and well maintained.
I think most in the city have made use of this space but I would guess that much fewer have actually made it onto the river itself.
We certainly hadn't, until Sunday that is.
Edmonton Queen
 Our kids both have much love for boats but nowhere near the magnitude of our bud Charlie.
I mean look at that face, he's in heaven right here.
Edmonton Queen
 I think after the obligatory "Mama" and "Dada", "Bowww" was Cedric's first word so his love is obvious.
Edmonton Queen
 Our friends Kerry and Stacey invited us to the Sunday afternoon family cruise aboard the Edmonton Queen.
I'm so glad they did.
This is such a great little outing and one that we never think to do despite being minutes from our house.
Edmonton Queen
 They had snacks and drinks for purchase and the prep for the dinner cruise smelled amazing.
That's on the date night list for sure.
Edmonton Queen
Edmonton Queen
 We tried to get a family photo but Fiona gave us the seriously-you-guys?-look so we got this.
I thought I had at least 8 years until this started happening, no?

Edmonton Queen
Edmonton Queen
 If you're in Edmonton and haven't river boated, get on it.
If you live in a river city and have access to it but haven't, get on it.
We saw so many canoes and even a couple of motor boats and were completely inspired.
Being on the water felt like an escape for us adults but I'm sure for the kids as well.
We literally had a hard time tearing them away.
Edmonton Queen


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  2. You have a lovely family. Beautiful pics! Have a great day!
    When you get a chance hope to see you @my place :)

  3. I've been on the Riverboat too! I got sick though LOL. It is a beautiful setting.

    Wishing you a lovely weekend.

    1. Oh, too bad! It is so beautiful maybe break out some seabands and try again?
      Have a great day Jennifer!


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