Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween

In the midst of payroll and groceries and costumes and playdates and early dinners and chocolate highs and chocolate comas I wanted to stop by to wish you a great Halloween.
We are trying to keep it simple this year with 2 recycled costumes and minimal decor.
Fiona managed to talk me into these ghosts and some spider web. 
{Does that stuff drive anyone else crazy?}.
We also weren't able to schedule pumpkin carving with Daddy and it just didn't feel right to go ahead without him.
Enter the pumpkin decorating kit.
It's like Mr. Potato Head for your pumpkin.
Aside: I do realize that the condition of my stairs is the scariest thing about this picture.

Fiona got these as a gift from her Aunt last year and they saved the day. 
The kids thought they were hilarious and it was a no-mess affair.
I must admit though that I missed the feeling of pumpkin guts squishing through my fingers.
Maybe we'll still have a post-Halloween carving session on the weekend. 
Have a safe one!


  1. Great photos! I love the potato head style pumpkins! Awesome!

    Wishing you a lovely weekend full of amazing moments.


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