Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Melissa's 2013

Another fabulous run in the mountains this year.
We added a few to our group, including Jeff! 
{Were you all aware that hell froze over?}
Well, frozen we were since the temperature had dropped significantly compared to last year.
I had a Mama guilt moment as I watched children in snowsuits walk by my two dressed as shown below.
They're hearty though and, thanks to Gram and our friend Steve, took a trip to McDonald's to warm up during the run.
After cheering us on a little first and snapping this shot, that is.
{Thanks for the photos Mom.}
 There really isn't a better road race than Melissa's.
You start the run down the main street of the gorgeous mountain town of Banff.
 And what would a mountain run be without a mountain right?
We certainly got one, from about kilometers 2 to 4.5 actually.
The consolation being that after this you get a whole lot of downhill.

I was so glad to run with my Dad this year and hope to make it a tradition.
Has the pain of the mountain worn off enough to commit Dad?
 I was ecstatic with my time as I beat my personal goal by a whole minute.
As proud as I was of myself, it paled in comparison to my pride in this guy.
The husband ran 10 kilometres and lived to tell about it.
What seemed like an impossibility just a couple months ago was accomplished.
His stubbornness determination floored me but I really shouldn't be surprised.
Jeff can do anything he sets his mind to.
He has completely transformed himself physically in the last 7 months.
In doing so he has also vastly improved the life of our family.
His energy, capabilities and confidence have skyrocketed.
I think the main difference is that, though we've always known how great he is, he's actually starting to believe it.

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