Friday, February 14, 2014

Baby Love

I have so much to share from our trip.
It's actually overwhelming me a little so I'm giving myself some slack in the prompt blogger category.
I do however want to tell you about one of the most special aspects of our vacation.
This Valentines Day I would like to celebrate love in it's purest form.
Toddler love.
Parent-toddler love is so special but that's not the love I'm thinking of.
The love Fiona has for the friends she's known all her life is amazingly strong but even that is not the one I'm focused on.
The fast and beautiful love between the two peas-in-a-pod below was one of the best parts of our time in Germany.
And that's saying a lot considering the beautiful trip we had.
The shot below was taken on our first day in Dusseldorf, after a mere 4 hours of acquainting time between Fiona and Alessandra.
You Auto Know in Germany
They had so much fun and could have been friends for years.
In fact they could have been siblings considering the way they loved and fought.
You Auto Know in Amsterdam
 They insisted on matching hair for our first day in Amsterdam.
You Auto Know in Germany
 And both loved any time in front of the camera, requesting multiple "running" pictures.
No argument here, they were always so sweet.
You Auto Know in Amsterdam
 On our final day there were no tears.
It was like they knew that they would see each other again and could pick it up right where they left off.
You Auto Know in Amsterdam
Not surprising of course since this has always been the case for me and this beauty's parents.

Happy Valentines Day!


  1. It was the best part!

    I absolutely loved seeing our girls have the same relationship that we have always shared. One that time and space can't touch. I love you Cheryl you will always be such a special friend. And I love that our girls can share that too.

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