Sunday, January 26, 2014

Ice on Whyte: Birthday Style

In the midst of last minute preparations for our trip I wanted to share our Saturday at Ice on Whyte.
Our friend Tessa chose this venue for her 5th birthday and we were thrilled to be invited.
It was a beautiful above-freezing day which was nice for being outside but not so nice for the ice.
The carvings were looking a little sad so I didn't photograph them since I knew I wouldn't do them justice.
 Luckily the slide was as amazing as ever and the kids were so excited to give it a try.
 Fiona loved it though you'd never know it by her face coming down.
Everyone was so proud of her as the youngest "big kid" and she may have been a little overwhelmed by her fan club at the bottom.
After she got off the slide though, she whispered to me that she wanted to go again.
 I love that Edmonton is embracing it's beautiful winter.
I mean we have a lot of it, let's make the best of it.
 The kids zone was great with some smaller slides for the little ones.
We lined up the for the face-painting for approximately 35 seconds until Fiona started to melt down.
Luckily there were blocks of ice and ice picks for her to get her frustrations out with.
Even though they may look disinterested in this photo, this station was a huge hit.
 After leaving the festival we were treated to birthday cupcakes at Flirt Cupcakes.
 Yes they were as delicious as they look.
And yes, we were all as beat as we looked.
 This calm didn't last long.
The minute those kids were pumped full of sugar they terrorized that tiny shop.
The staff was so tolerant and sweet though, which made a customer-for-life out of me.
It will be a couple of weeks before I post again.
I can't wait to share what promises to be a wonderful vacation.

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