Friday, June 13, 2014

Proud of you Edmonton

I love Edmonton.
This is where I would usually insert all of the "despites" but not today.
I'm done apologizing for all that others don't like about this city.
It is a damn great city.
I feel that way more than ever having just participated in the Pride Parade.
Edmonton Pride Parade 2014As I biked through our beautiful river valley across the amazing high level bridge and rounded the corner towards the rainbow filled streets to line up for the parade I couldn't have felt happier.
I have always felt lucky to be surrounded with people who celebrate diversity and inclusion but it still warms my heart to see just how many do so.
Edmonton Pride Parade 2014
Then I get to hang with these beautiful people as we get ready to spin our little hearts out for 8 city blocks.
Edmonton Pride Parade 2014
To top it off we saw our mayor bike by with his wife and kids.
Not to mention that he was surrounded by many city councillors and joined by a number of local politicians from all branches of government.
We've come such a long way. 
So proud.
Edmonton Pride Parade 2014 Mayor Don Iveson
Photo courtesy of MasterMaq, used with permission.
Edmonton Pride Parade 2014
 This was our first year participating in the parade and it was a blast.
Edmonton Pride Parade 2014
The crowd was beautiful.
So colourful, loud, energetic and diverse.
Edmonton Pride Parade 2014
 We outfitted a truck with flags, ribbons and the large speakers we use to fill a gymnasium with sound at our yearly competition.
Even so it all seemed to fade in the background compared with the amount of colour and sound the other entries had going.
Next year bigger speakers and more colour is in order.
Edmonton Pride Parade 2014
We had some wonderful volunteers cheering us on, working our sound, keeping us hydrated, driving the truck and taking photos.  Thanks Darren, Niki, Scotty and Steve.
Thanks also to Stacey for taking Ced to the parade while Daddy was finishing off my volunteer duties at Fiona's dress rehearsal.
It was too bad they had to miss the festivities but if you can't be at the parade why not celebrate pride with some ballet looking fierce as a zebra, am I right?
Zebra Costume
 Pride Week is still in full swing and it's not too late to take in the family and some not-so-family events.

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