Thursday, June 5, 2014

Update on Cedric and Spring

Sure I can update you on Spring, I am the authority on seasons don't you know.
Obviously incorrect but I will say that I can't believe spring is almost over and I have yet to talk about it.
I have been watching cherry trees bloom and kids rolling on beautiful lush grass on Instagram and wondered longingly when that would begin here.
Finally, in the last few weeks our fruit trees have blossomed and our lilac is just now in it's full glory.
Our lawn is another story, it needs a lot of TLC.
We're pretty tough on it so it seems to be in a constant development phase.
I'm also pretty sure I let our beautiful plum tree die.
This tree has year after year produced enough plums to yield dozens of jars of plum jam even after we eat as many as physically possible.
In the last couple of years a second tree has grown next to it, this is the one pictured below.
It hasn't yet produced fruit but we haven't needed it to because of the abundance of the first.
This year, however, our big tree didn't bloom at all so I'm not expecting any fruit.
What do I know though, I'm no arborist, maybe there's hope for it yet.
Plum Tree in bloom
We managed to plant the garden again this year so now is the time when I sing to it a little, recite some positive affirmations then say a little prayer that something will grow.
I'm sure I'll be a good gardener someday, right?
You Auto Know
Looks like Cedric's not convinced.

 Of course I have more important living things to tend to so I give myself some slack.
Cedric certainly has me on my toes.
He is determined to attempt and accomplish everything.
His favourite phrase right now is "DID IT!"
He's so proud when he keeps up to his big sister and her friends.
Though I'm also so proud of him I often wish the thing he "DID" did not involve heights, speed or objects that could be used as a weapon.
He called me "Mom" today for the first time and I already miss his previous names for me which included "Mum-mum" then "Ma-yee" most recently.
Boy with bow tie
He can seem so big at times so I do things like not cut his baby curls off.
I totally understand the little-boys-with-long-hair thing now.
I mean how can you bring yourself to chop those sweet little locks.
I did however give him the dapper style you see above to eschew comments like "what a sweet little girl" or "how old is your daughter?"
I joke of course, not about the comments I do get those, about letting them guide my choices for Ced. 
This handsome devil can rock any style he wants as far as I'm concerned.

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