Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Cecchetti Dance Theatre's Swan Song {but it's really mostly about Fiona}

I've said before that I have witnessed big change in my little girl this year.
After Fiona's year end dance performance I reflected on how far she's come in even this small part of her life.
When we first started attending the Cecchetti Dance Theatre classes I could barely peel Fiona off of me and certainly couldn't leave the room.
I sought help from the instructor with no great expectations.
But man, ask and you shall receive.
She immediately formulated a plan to transition Fiona into the class and make her feel comfortable.
After only a handful of weeks I was dropping her off and getting the backhanded wave as she sprinted to line up with her classmates.
She loved the classes so much that she even ran her own "dance show and lesson" at school just a month after the last performance.
 I volunteered to be one of the supervising parents at the show again which was exhausting but great.
I love being a part of the excitement backstage and seeing the beautiful performers up close.
On the other hand, 13 three and four year olds can wear a Mama out.
I was thankful for the lunch break and thoroughly enjoyed my date at Next Act with sweet Fi.
 The show was Peter Pan and once again blew me away.
The kids were captivated and forgot all about their own performance as they waited for the cue in the wings.
 Once they shuffled onstage, however, they stole the show.
Who wouldn't love these little lions and zebras?
As I mentioned in this post, the Cecchetti families received exciting news that the school, starting next season, will be the new Edmonton studios of the Alberta Ballet.
They certainly have earned it with the amazing instruction and organization.
Never would I have believed that it was possible to incorporate all levels and ages of performers into such a beautiful production, until I saw them do just that.
As long as this continues to make Fiona as happy as it does now, we look forward to many amazing performances yet to come.

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