Saturday, July 27, 2013

Kids and Crowds

Last night we finally made it to Taste of Edmonton.
It was packed as usual but with our 3:2 ratio of adults to children and lack of stroller it was a breeze.
Cedric showing off how much he enjoyed the food.
Am I the only one who finds having a stroller at festivals a huge stress?
When I do have one I feel apologetic to and begrudged by my fellow festival goers.
Also at Churchill Square you need to be able to navigate over curbs, lawn and the occasional stair.
Edmonton City Hall
Granted, I am very lucky to have a toddler who listens well and stays close.
{Talk to me again when I expect this of Cedric, I feel like it may be a smidge different.}
But I really feel like Fiona should be able to walk with us in a crowd at 3 years old.
I will admit that my expectations of her can be high for her age.
I've said before that I may have urged her to grow up before her time when Ced was born, this is just another example of that fact.
It wasn't intentional.
I researched and planned to purchase a double stroller when pregnant.
I was waiting for a deal or maybe even a used one to pop up when I was forced to make it work with the single one day.
I was nervous but was pleasantly surprised by my then 23 month old.
{She does this a lot you know, surprise me.}
After that I never looked back, Fiona graduated to a walking companion.
As I said, I'm not sure that Cedric will be ready quite so early.
He has all the tell-tale signs of a runner.
Luckily, at almost 17 months and only 21 lbs, I can still easily wear the little guy.
I'm certainly less eager for him to grow up.

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