Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Thank You

Thanks to everyone who read and responded to yesterday's post.
It was difficult to write only because I didn't want to sell Grandad's amazing life short.
In the end I focused on my memories of him and I can't wait to hear more from his other family members' point of view.
Again, this blog and everyone who reads it have given me such an amazing gift.
I would never have taken the time to reflect so thoroughly.
Or to browse through so many beautiful photos.
Or {let's face it} to have such a good hard cry.
So again, thank you.

I did want to share some photos of the weekend still since it really was great.
The kids spent most of it almost entirely nude but I tried to censor the pics a bit for you.
We finished off the weekend watching the fireworks from our house then promptly passing out.
{I mean, staying up until dark in Edmonton is hard.}

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