Friday, August 16, 2013

Not Just "Another" Album

So apparently this is brag-about-your-amazing-friends week on You Auto Know.
I just had to share our new favourite album {by a great Edmonton artist} with you today.
Christy Carignan: Another Day
Ever since our friend Christy gave us her debut album we've had it playing in the car.
I haven't even added it to my iTunes playlist yet because it literally hasn't left the car stereo until today.
Every time a song ends the kids yell "again!".
We love this album so much and I'm confident in saying that this is not just because we love the artist.
{Or because Daddy's drumming makes an appearance, as does his name on the cover.}
I still remember the first time I heard Christy sing {and realized how good she was} at a Denver karaoke bar in 2001.
I was shocked.
I had always known she was a great musician and percussionist but her voice was just not a part of the repertoire.
Now it's front and centre, though her vast musical knowledge comes through in her writing.
Jeff commented immediately how her lyrics often took on a percussive quality.
I've added a couple of our favourites below but you should also just go check out the rest on her site.
We're so proud of you Christy.

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