Thursday, August 15, 2013

Worth the 5:30am Wake Up Call

There are so many reasons I love the community I live in.
They all keep coming back to one main thread though.
Quality of life.
Our community values and promotes a great quality of life.
Yet another example of this is the new Community Bootcamp.
 I am fortunate to call one of the founders, Michelle, a friend.
She exudes good quality of life and is now sharing it with her neighbours.
I have taken her fitness classes in the past but this is something special.
The class is in the beautiful Mill Creek.
It's held first thing in the morning so we often enjoyed the sunrise during our stretches.
Even before then though Michelle's personality brightens what could otherwise easily be a grumpy group.
{As demonstrated by this blurry photo, still need to get that DSLR.}
 If you call Edmonton home it's worth checking out.
{Link again below.}
There is another session starting in the fall, hope to see you there.

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