Thursday, August 8, 2013

Taming the Princess

How did this happen?
When did the princess take over?
I think it started creeping in through books.
Then Fiona started noticing other little girls with princess clothes and longed for her own.
At Christmas she received the first outfit by Melissa & Doug.
That's when we lost her.
My little Elmo loving, car racing, craft extraordinaire now wanted one thing more than any other.
We've now gone over the deep end with puzzles, movies, literature {a bit of a stretch I know} and of course multiple {byoot-ful} outfits.
I don't know why I thought I could steer her otherwise but at one point I did.
I also don't really know why I felt so strongly about doing so.
I do not believe that because she loves to make believe that she's a princess Fiona will be weak or have a negative self image.
As my friend Julie {mother to 2 girls} has wisely remarked, "they just think it's pretty".
And she's right, the mass of tulle, sparkles and silver plastic rhinestones just are pretty to them.
They don't have to represent anything more.
Also, I do feel a smidge hypocritical if I tell Fiona not to love princesses when her own Mama does.
That's right, I said it.
I woke up in the wee hours of the morning one April 2011 day to watch a "Princess" wedding.
{And may or may not have spent the rest of that day watching the reruns.}
I read voraciously about Kate and her new baby George.
I am a grown, intelligent {if I do say so myself} woman and I'm still into princess.

That said, I'm letting the princess happen.
I, however, am no longer letting it happen all over ma house.
A couple of months ago I went searching in the basement {I was not spending any money on this} for supplies to create a "dressing area" of sorts.
I needed something to hang the outfits, an accessories holder and a shoes {you guessed it, heels} container.
I found a curtain rod and brackets, a small bucket and a large bucket {from Jenna, thanks girl}.
Hung it all in the little nook behind her door and voila.
Princess contained.
I had also been waiting to find the perfect spot for this sweet cross-stitch made by yesterday's birthday girl.
It could have been made just for this spot.
The hanging bucket is chock full of bracelets, necklaces, wands, crowns and even a bouquet.
It was essential since these little pieces are the ones that drive me crazy the most.
The curtain rod wouldn't have been my first choice if I had gone out to buy supplies but turned out to be a great system.
Fiona still has a hard time hooking things, especially slippery satin-like fabric.
Stuffing them over the top of this rod however, no problem.
Last touch was a little footstool so she can slip those baby heels on and go.
As a real princess would of course.

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  1. I love that you've allowed her to embrace the princess and that you provided a space for her to do so.



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