Thursday, May 8, 2014

Edmonton Motorshow 2014

 It's throwback Thursday right?
I may not be throwing back that far but in the blogging world 4 weeks might as well be 10 years.
I wasn't sure that I was going to share this post since we are not the biggest Motor Show fans at the moment.
After 5 years of renting space at the show our name was again printed improperly in the program.
Though this may not seem like a big deal, it is to those of us who struggle to build a brand with limited time and money.
Every mention of our business counts so we were quite disappointed when this error occurred and the show not only downplayed it but did little to rectify it.
Not that I'm discouraging you from visiting the Emdontno Motering Shaw in the future, it's a great event.
Just saying.
Our first stop was of course to visit Daddy.
That's the main event for us.
 Fiona was less than impressed this year but Cedric was quite in awe and walked around with me to check out the Emporium.
 His favourite find, however, was this single deflated green balloon that he spotted at the Derrick Dodge booth.
They of course had no problem handing it over and he proceeded to drag it around like an unfortunate pet.
 The one thing that did catch Fiona's attention was the toy booth that we always land across from.
If I'm being honest though, her favourite part was skipping freely to the car after we left.
Any opportunity to get the guys in front of potential customers is great.
Even so, this felt like our last appearance at this particular event.
Never say never though right?

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