Friday, May 16, 2014

Mother's Day

For the past few years I have struggled to figure Mother's Day out.
Before I had children it was so simple, I could focus on my own Mom.
Once married I had 2 Moms to celebrate, but it still felt clear.

I want to continue to show these women how special they are even now that I am a Mom myself.
When doing so it almost feels like I'm throwing my own party, tooting my own horn so to speak.
Suddenly I'm questioning whether or not I should shout the praises of Mothers from the rooftops.
I mean, have some modesty right?

Well, I say down with modesty.
I am a Mom and so proud of it.
I have been fortunate to have great maternal role models.
Many women cringe at the thought of turning into their Mother.
I hope I should only be so lucky.

I do the best I can for my kids and that includes leading by example.
I want my children to be healthy and one way I'm helping to make this happen is to include fitness in our family activities.
The Mother's Day walk/run was a perfect way to start the day.
Jeff's first Mother's Day gift to me: he walked with the kids so I could run alongside my Dad.
We chatted while waiting at the finish line for our walking family members.
The conversation inevitably turned to the kids at which point my Dad said "They're such good kids Cheryl. You are just doing a great job with them."
That was it, what I didn't even know I wanted.
One of the people I respect most  to validate the effort I put into being a Mother.
It was a small part of the day but so big for me.
I also want to ingrain the importance of family.
I love when our house is teeming with loved ones and this was accomplished with a BBQ lunch. 
Which I was so busy at {just the way I like it} that I took almost no pictures.
This was an extra special Mother's Day since it was the first for my SIL Brianna.
The day may have been for the Moms but the family's newest addition was still the centre of attention.
Happy Belated Mother's Day!

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