Friday, May 2, 2014

A Spring Shower

We have been spending the last couple of days outside.
It's finally felt like spring and I have had a hard time convincing myself to do any indoor activities ie: blogging.
I have, however, been looking forward to sharing some pictures of my niece's shower. 
Shower Cake Topper
She is Feefs and Ced's first cousin and simply gorgeous.
Sisterly love is big right now {thanks for that Frozen} so Fiona just adores her baby-sister-cousin.
She is eager to hold the baby and does so timidly at first, preferring a helping hand.
It doesn't take long for those maternal instincts to kick in though and she's quickly as confidant as can be.
 The spread at this event was beautiful.
How cute is this rubber boot vase?
And this fruit baby in it's watermelon basinet? 
The cake at top of the post was my small contribution {bought, not made}. 
I did, however, make the topper consisting of a mini-easel and flower from the dollar store.
Fruit Baby
 The guest of honour was truly spoiled. 
As any princess should be. 
 We had a great time and my Mom commented afterward what a lovely group of people were at the shower.
Baby hand
 Of course, none could top the owner of this sweet hand and her beautiful Mama.

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