Friday, July 18, 2014

Color Me Rad YEG 2014

It kills me to write colour without the u but that's the name of the event so I'm sucking it up.
You know how I said I had 10 pictures on my iPhone, well here are 4 of them.
Track and Shield hit the pavement for the Color Me Rad 5K for the first time and it was a blast.
Throughout this race you get blasted with coloured powder at stations that look like this.
No chance of missing them, that's for sure.
 The kids were timid at first and stayed in the chariot {which I'm still rinsing colour out of}.
Once we saw the pink station though Fiona was ready to get blasted and little brother followed suit of course.
{Don't worry I gave her my sunglasses to wear during the blasting.}
 We will definitely do this run again. 
I use the term "run" loosely as it was more like a saunter.
They're hosted in cities all over North America so I would highly recommend finding one close to home.
Oh, and wear cotton.
The colour washes out of it much easier than sport fabric.
I am now the proud owner of a lovely light purple sports bra.


  1. Out of curiousity... what does it feel like to breathe in that stuff?

    1. I actually didn't notice.
      The thought definitely crossed my mind that people with breathing problems should maybe avoid the race but it wasn't as bad as I anticipated.


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