Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Out for Summer

School is out for another year.
This was a special one since it was the first year that both kids were in preschool.
They started separately since Cedric had to start in October once he turned 19 months so I don't have a picture together for the first day.
I did, however, remember in the nick of time to snap this last day pic.
I'm glad I almost forgot since I would have been tempted to stage and coordinate a little.
This way they are completely in their natural state having picked their own outfits.
 I can't even believe what a baby Fiona looks like on her first day.
I remember thinking that she looked like such a big girl.
Story of a parents life.
You can never imagine that they could possibly look any bigger than they do at this moment.
Then they very quickly prove you wrong.
 Cedric's first day picture is pretty perfect.
He may now be bigger, have much more language, and even more amazing hair (right?) but his little personality hasn't changed a bit.
Apart from his confidence that is.
We were so impressed with how comfortable he became at school, a far cry from in this post.
Now you want to talk about natural state...
The first picture is the only one in which they weren't running, jumping, pushing or screaming.
And Fiona is carrying socks?
Not matching of course, she would never wear matching socks...obviously.

The kids have already been asking when they get to go back to school.
Remember when you loved school that much?
Me neither.

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