Monday, July 21, 2014

Some Favourite Pics From the Weekend

This was a bonus weekend for us.
I was supposed to work on Saturday then mid week a friend reminded me that she owed me a weekend and that she would take this one.
Well she sure didn't have to ask me twice, I jumped at the chance to get back to the lake.

There was plenty of horsing around by these munchkins which produced this.
I was attempting to get a nice picture of Fiona but these days I get a lot of duck lips.
Then Cedric jumped in with this epic photobomb and now one of my favourite shots of them.
Toddler photobomb
 It was Daddy's birthday last week {kept quiet on strict orders}.
He had been talking about paddle boarding so after searching a bit I found one in our price range.
We both had some fun with it this weekend, definitely a good buy.
The kids insisted on watching him and tested their balance on the floating dock.
Fiona says: "Cedric, you have to balance with your arms like this."
Cedric says: "No Nona."
on the dock
We're used to big skies in Alberta but at the lake they're something else.
Lac La Nonne
Not something I will tire of any time soon.

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