Thursday, July 3, 2014

Canada Day {Lake Style}

Happy Belated Canada Day!
We raced out of town as soon as I was done work on Monday to get our watermelon faces on.
 I was torn about leaving town since it meant missing the inaugural High Level "Light the Bridge".
Not that it compares at all but I did experience it via video and now if you missed it, so can you.

Yet another thing to love about this city.
The lake fireworks paled in comparison of course but it still set the festive tone.
One of the highlights of our celebration was a visit from cousin Avery, Auntie Brie, Grandma and Grandpa.
The kids are even more enamoured with her now that she's interacting.
At about 3 1/2 months she's at one of my favourite stages.
So much discovery and still such a baby.
As we relished in this new life in our family I remembered the one that was lost last year on July 1st.
I still think of you often Grandad but on Canada Day I am reminded of your commitment to your country, family and friends.
Thank you.
Boat season is in full swing and Fiona has found new confidence on the water.
She channels her Titanic and races to her spot at the bow as soon as her foot hits the deck.
She is also much more confident in the water and jumps carefully lowers herself into the water {just like-a Mama} readily.
These crazies cannon balled right in of course.
I fully expect Feefs to be doing the same by the end of the summer.
I also fully expect to be proven wrong and have her do something like rediscover her fear.
Because if there's one thing I've learned as a parent it's that I will always be proven wrong.
 They will seldom do what I'm sure they will and, you know, I'm becoming comfortable with that.
Keeps me on my toes right?
Last year Cedric would have jumped off the side of the boat at speeds upwards of 60 kph.
This year he seldom looks up, clutches at me when the boat picks up speed and wants nothing to do with swimming in the lake. 
If I'm being honest though, I'm happy to see his cautious side since it so rarely makes an appearance.

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