Thursday, September 18, 2014

Summer Recap 2: Birthday Train

 The Highlevel Bridge Streetcar seems to play a recurrent part in our lives.
And why not, the kids love the ride and the adults love the nostalgic nature.
Not to mention the view.
 Well this time the ride was extra special since we were celebrating a very special person's very special birthday.
Shall I say special again?
Anyways, I'm not spilling the age beans.
 I also take no responsibility for what may have snuck into the following pictures.
Cedric so rarely looks at the camera or stops moving for half a second so I just had to include this shot, messy face and all.
 The party was a surprise and was kept one until that very night.
This is a small miracle considering the chatty natured 5 year old in the birthday girl's home.
It's also amazing that no one accidentally sent a "is the party still happening?" text since that very morning it was snowing.
Yep, you heard me.
 Going over the Highlevel is always great but this time they actually parked right in the middle of it which allowed us to take in more than usual.
I even spotted a few love locks on the bridge and got a look at the new wiring set up to light the bridge.
 We were so thrilled to be included in this intimate group of amazing people.
 And, of course, to celebrate this beautiful-throughout friend.
These days our close friends are more like family.
We really have a sense of the village-to-raise-a-child school of thought especially with this family.
Both our kids, but Cedric in particular, have a sweet love for their "Stace".
{Which just happens to be one of Ced's first words.}
As the sun went down the view became even more spectacular.
At one point the conductors turned out the lights so we could take in just how beautiful our river valley is.
This city just keeps amazing me.

Happy Birthday again Stacey!
We're so glad we could celebrate with you.

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