Monday, September 22, 2014

Summer Recap 3: Back At It

So this is what I would usually consider Fall but since summer actually goes well into September I'm counting it.
Back to school came fast and I felt unprepared to be honest.
Luckily the transition back felt really easy since we were returning to the same program on the same days and already knew the drill.
The kids love that preschool and were really happy to be back.

This year we have also decided to enrol in a second preschool program.
 I wanted to get a little more involved in the community nursery school and have the kids meet more of our neighbours.
It has hit me lately that Cedric doesn't have any of his own friends yet {though he loves Fiona's friends} and I thought this nursery school could be good for him in particular.
He chose his favourite "cycle shirt" for the first day {and every day since}.
So far so good.
They've only been for a couple weeks but have delivered only glowing reviews.
Fiona also picked her own outfit, she is the "matching" queen right now.
This little change for us pales in comparison to the one our BFF Charlie made.
We are so proud of our little kindergartener and are lucky enough to have the opportunity to pick him up once a week.
Back to school also means back to Ballet and our regular Saturday morning routine.
The walk with this beauty and a little visit to the market are some of my favourite parts of the week.
Feefs settled right into the class, especially considering a couple of her good friends joined.
The class is great as always.
And the uniform couldn't be cuter on all these little ballerinas.
I know as I reflect further back into summer I will miss those hot lazy days.
For now though, we have all welcomed a little routine back into our lives.

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