Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Whoa, Where Did Summer Go? Let's Recap.

I have so much to share.
I do not, however, want to photo dump you so I'm going to attempt a summer catch up in instalments.
Let's work backwards though to take advantage of the now first.
 Lake life has been so good to us as always.
We have such a beautiful little world up there.
And just when I think it can't get any nicer, some Pelicans drop by to say hello.
In reality they're probably saying goodbye but let's not go there just yet, I have to catch you up on our summer right?
Fiona is growing like crazy, more mind than body these days.
She is starting to show interest in letters and even a little math.
She sings all the time and recently started "playing" her guitar but only when Cedric is willing to accompany her on drums.
 Cedric is keeping his steady growing pace, he's never been a weed that one.
What has exploded, however, is his language.
He is communicating clearly now and has the manners of a champ.
He never forgets his "pease", "fank you", "wow-come", "sowwy" {lots of sowwys} and my favourite "scuse-ee" with a hint of an italian accent.
 We had such a great summer but {as I've said before} these chilly days of fall are my favourite.
The colours are starting to appear on the trees and the cozy sweaters are getting their workout.
 Our evening walks are just a little darker, the sun just skimming the tops of the trees.
 This summer has also seen a change in Feefs and Ced dynamic.
Sure, they fight more as Cedric is finding his confidence and standing up to his big sis.
But man do they love hard.
It is not uncommon to find them "nuggling" or playing happily together.
I know it will continue to change but I sure am enjoying this phase.
One last recent development I will leave you with is one that my feelings change on daily.
We have decided to list the cabin that we love so much.
It was a hard decision but we have our sights set on a new property.
This place would take us to the same lake as our friends who are actually more like family.
We love where we are but can see so many benefits to moving.
So we're giving it a go even though it's not the best time to buy a lake property.
We are willing to hold out for next year but are staying hopeful.
In the meantime, knowing our time there could be short, we are enjoying it that much more.

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