Sunday, April 16, 2017

The Hicks in Istanbul {and a little Germany} Part 3

{Only 2 years late}
In preparation for another great vacation to come with some of our most fabulous friends I thought I'd grace this space with a photo dump.
It has been two years since we made the trip to Istanbul and somehow I didn't get around to sharing the rest of these photos.
Our second last day was a rainy one, perfect for a day {inside} the Grand Bazaar.
Grand bazaar bowls
 I came pretty close to having one of these beautiful lamps mailed home.
Grand Bazaar Lamps

Grand Bazaar spices
 We managed to exit with only turkish delight for family and friends, a spice grinder and these super fun turkish slippers.
Grand Bazaar slippers
 We had much nicer weather on our final day and decided to spend it on the water.
 These boats are set up to serve the most delicious fresh fish sandwiches.Istanbul fish sandwich
 Next we boarded a ferry to head to Asia.
Little did I know before this trip that the city of Istanbul spans both Europe and Asia.
Istanbul ferry
 We had a chill day on the other side of the water and even had ample park time to keep the littles happy.
kids on swing istanbul
 At the end of the day we just had to capture a set of these beautiful stairs.
You can see the exhaustion in these babes.
Istanbul rainbow stairs
 Before heading back to Canada we spent a few more days in Germany.
I was so happy to see these roadside tulips.
With spring almost here this photo is inspiring me to beautify our own ugly curb-side patch.
 The bonds these kids made was so fun, we really can't wait to see them again.
 I loved how the big girls insisted again on matching hair.
Just a little chat by the Rhine pictured here.
Rhine river
 And finally, on our trip home, our layover dreams came true.
Instead of sitting in the Frankfurt airport for 5 hours we took a train in to the city to see the sights. 

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