Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Back to School

Baby Cedric Laughing

It just hit me today that this is what single moms feel like.

You see, Jeff is off bettering himself this week.
He enrolled in a 4 day course to help him improve our efficiency and productivity at the shop.
We feel like we do great work but there are ways to improve how we do it while maintaining quality.

The kicker is, the course is in Calgary...da.da.daaaaa.
{That's ominous music in case that wasn't clear.  Say it again, makes more sense now, yes?}

When he was first talking about enrolling I didn't feel like it would be a big deal.
What's 4 days?
I can do 4 days alone.

Well of course I can, I will, I am.  
But man it's hard knowing that there won't be a second set of hands at dinner time and bedtime (not as bad as dinner but still tough).
I really appreciate and applaud the fact that some people do this.

Standing O for the single parents.


  1. You'll make it Mama! Cuuute sweater on an even cuuuuuter boy! ;)

    1. Yes, someone awesome gave us that sweater! I can't remember now who that was...

  2. i'm single-momming-it right now too, for two weeks. uuuggghhh! jon's in the states for work.

    i agree, why is dinnertime so much harder than breakfast and lunch? the only thing that gets me through is knowing bedtime is just around the bend. :o)


    1. Two weeks! I bow down!
      I'm glad to know it's not just me with the dinnertime hardships!


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