Friday, June 22, 2012

Must Stay Outside

I couldn't even bring myself to go back inside to write a post so this is from my iPhone, sitting on the stoop eating strawberries with my babes.
I say stoop because we don't have a deck, it's literally just a set of stairs but it works for us.
You make do with what you have.
Summer and Strawberries
We live right on a major road and I can sit in the backyard and not even hear the cars, planes, helicopters and construction. 
 Instead I see great mature trees all around, the robins nest in our neighbours yard and hear dogs barking from nearby houses.
We have learned to co-exist with the traffic.
We even play "guess the vehicle by ear" at the breakfast table which Fiona kicks butt at.
Sure, we curse the motorcycles when they blast by after 8pm. But it's hard to stay upset when you hear a little "mocycle" from your 2 year old.
I wouldn't change a thing.
Robins nest in yard

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