Monday, June 4, 2012

Squid Kid

For those of you who don't know our daughter, she is a great eater.
I haven't had to trick this girl with "no, that's not grated up vegetables hidden in your food" or pleaded "just one more bite" yet.
How did this come up you ask?
I was looking over our pictures from the weekend and came across these.

We went to Ragazzi on Friday night which is our favourite Italian place in town.  
 We ordered the calamari and Fiona loved it (even the legs that secretly still kinda freak me out).  
When it was all gone she then proceeded to eat the lemon wedge.
What did I tell you?  Good eater!
Cedric a little jealous that he can't partake yet.

Did anyone get a chance to check out any show&shines in town this weekend?
Ours was chock-full of birthday party fun (which I have no pictures of, sigh) so we missed them.

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  1. Lucky duck!!!

    Alessandra is not that way at all. She isn't necessarily picky, she'll try new things no problem, but she eats like a bird. She much prefers to snack a little bit all day long instead of sitting down to a meal. You will constantly hear us saying "One more bite Alessandra, just one more."

    Hopefully Cedric will be just like his big sister. :o)



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