Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Today's Outing {Yes, We Only Get One a Day}

Just a quick post today since I need to do some major bookkeeping.

I went by work this morning.
{I have another career besides Mom, blogger, bookkeeper, housekeeper, etc.}

An amazing coworker is moving on to other exciting things.
 There was a potluck in her honour on Friday.
 I missed it due to Mommy brain so still wanted to go say my goodbyes.

I work with some really great people.
I always feel super special when I go to visit {which has not been often enough}.

As evidence of their greatness I thought I would share these photos.
They threw me a {very} surprise baby shower before I left.

Who needs a marquis.
There's nothing like seeing your name on the wall in streamers.


  1. Also, I love that when I hit "publish" on my comments, it asks me to "prove that I'm not a robot".


What do you think I auto know?


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