Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A Pair of Birthdays

April 17th is a special day.
Fiona is lucky enough to share her birthday with her beautiful Aunt Pamela.
Today they are 3 and 30.
Multiply those numbers to get my Grandad's age, add them together to get mine.
{I'm a perpetual math nerd and love to find equations in any given set of numbers.}

We started the day with 100 {well, 96 since we lost 4 in the late-night process} pink balloons.
I would like to point out that 9-6=3, I'm done.
Fiona was off to school for the day so we wanted to make the morning special.

For dinner, the birthday girl chose pizza so we headed to Famoso on Whyte.
We were sat at table 13 but we knew what they really meant.
This little beauty just never stops surprising me.
She's so smart.
I'm blown away at how she recites full pages of our bedtime stories.
She's so funny.
Expressions such as the one below are only the tip of the iceberg.
She's so sweet.
Always considering others, even her baby bro.
She's so strong.
I can already see her strong will.  
{We're going to have it out, let me tell you.}
The day was all about Fiona but I couldn't help but share a pic of these $5.94 boots from JoeFresh.
Today at work I found myself so looking forward to the end of the day.
Not because I didn't enjoy being there {I actually do, really}.
But because I couldn't wait to see that face again.

This is only the beginning of the celebration.
Fiona and 9 of her friends will be hitting the gym this weekend.
{Of the -nastics variety.}
Should we survive, I can't wait to share.

Here's a goodie of me and my dear sister Pamela.
She is the most loyal, dedicated and gentle person you'll ever meet.
Happy birthday Beautiful!

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  1. It's crazy to think that she's 3 - or that Pam (and Mark) are 30.
    I love the pictures. The one of Cedric at the restaurant is one of the first I have seen where he looks somewhat like Fiona - rather than your dad. :) You make some cute babies (Jeff too).


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