Monday, April 22, 2013

Fiona's Butterfly Party

This weekend was jam packed and I can't wait to share it all.
First and foremost though was Fiona's 3rd birthday celebration.
Thank you Chris for capturing this moment.
Having your birthday before the snow melts limits the spectrum of activities to chose from.
Fiona loves her gymnastics classes {and I love how tuckered out she is after them} so when I saw that they offered parties we were sold.
I punned like crazy on Cedric's invitation so in the spirit of fairness gave it another go.
Fiona chose a butterfly theme so we ran with it.
The mason jar terrariums were my favourite.
Mason Jar Terrariums
Homesense came through with some butterfly napkins.
Dollarama was to thank for the net, greenery and butterflies.
Since the chocolate cake recipe I used for Cedric's birthday turned out so well it made a reappearance.
The butterflies {yes, they're butterflies} on top were made of fondant using this recipe.
Butterfly cake
 There were too many fabulous pictures of the gym time for me to choose from.
Thanks Diana for these, they're fabulous!
 Grandpa West even helped Cedric get in on the trampoline action.
Fiona cleaned up with some amazing gifts so I'll share more about that soon.
 Thanks to all our friends and family who celebrated with us.


  1. Oh it looks like you all had such a lovely day! Well done!

    Happy Birthday to Fiona!

    Wishing you a wonderful day!


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