Monday, April 29, 2013

First of Many, I'm Sure

Apparently this is a really busy time of year for us.
I still haven't finished telling you about last weekend and now another has passed.
This one was as eventful as the last.
Mostly good but as is customary, let's start with the bad news and get it over with.

Cedric had his first hospital visit on Sunday.
If you've met Cedric you know this kid is chill and super active.
How can you be both of those at once?
Beats me, but this kid has it down.

So when he started arching and wailing in pain we knew something was up.
I am determined to not be that parent that has their kid in the hospital unnecessarily.
For many reasons.
One being, I don't want a Peds Emerg Doc all like "your kid has gas, over-react much?"
On the other hand, I don't want to regret not following my gut for the rest of my life.
The latter would be MUCH worse.

Jeff and I decided to watch him for a while.
After 15 minutes of watching he went white.
Like his ears and lips were white.
That's when we got scared and split.

The Stollery Emergency is amazing.
We were in a room right away and seen within 20 mins.
They hooked the little guy up and vitals were looking good.
When in the room he even gave the nurse a half smile.
As she was about to leave he started another episode of pain and vomited his afternoon snack.
After that he had more colour and energy already.
The doc {who asked us to call him Kevin, so refreshing} was happy with his condition but asked us to hang around for a bit.
Soon after, another throw up produced a decent amount of dirt.
Yep, good old earth.
Turns out when the kids were "helping" me cultivate the garden, Cedric snuck a taste.
I knew this was happening but had no idea the extent of it.
I would say he swallowed a couple of mouths full.
Once this was all out it was business as usual.
He was up flirting with anyone who passed by the room.
Lesson learned, Cedric has yet to develop his garden helper skills.
This is not something that would have happened with Fiona at one.
You boys sure are a handful, you know that?


  1. Oh no! Poor little dude! Apparently some dirt is good for you - and lots of dirt is not. Glad he's back to his perky little self!

  2. I'm so glad he's okay! My best friend's 2 year old recently stuck a pea up his nose and had to go to the emergency, too. Oops!

    1. Oops is right! These boys! How is dirt eating and pea snorting appealing?

  3. Oh wow! So glad to hear he's okay and that you got the help needed for him. Poor little guy.

    Wishing you a lovely day!

    1. Thanks Jennifer. We were so impressed with the help we got!


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