Thursday, April 11, 2013

Taking Charge

Remember when I told you about our ridiculous charging situation?
It didn't get any better after that.
 Since it was always hanging to the ground Cedric mistook it for a toy.
We even lost a cord to the dogs .
Something had to be done.
After I wrote that post I had friends emailing me and tagging me in Pins with other options.
{I just want to say again that I really have the best friends.}
Obviously cords have become a huge annoyance in all of our lives.
The options for taming them are seemingly endless.
The most popular by far was the cheap and easy Cabledrop.
Then of course there are some more creative options such as Charging Charlie here.
These Wire Blooms are the sweetest but I wasn't really into nail holes in our island.
And of course you know I like a good DIY/Green project so this was a definite contender.
I have learned over the years though that Husband is not an everything-in-it's-place kinda guy so this most likely would have gone unused.
Finally I settled on what I think is the least fussy most practical, Une Bobine.
Now, thanks to this shapeable cord, our chargers are at a safe height even when unplugged.
The Photojojo website {where this purchase was made} is chock full of great gadgets, definitely worth a visit.


  1. So many cute options! I like the Charging Charlie... cute!

    Cheap option: use a binder clip!

    Wishing you a lovely day!

    1. Funny that you mention that Jennifer! The clips weren't big enough for our counter. That was what got me determined to find something that works!
      Thanks, hope things are looking more positive for you!


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